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Supreme quality greek wine by Tselepos Estate

Greece is par excellence a wine country with viticulture being one of the earliest activities since antiquity. Continuing this 3.000 year tradition of wine making, Tselepos family reveals the secrets of that very special combination leading to exceptional Greek wine. Tselepos family is one of the eminent producers and exporters of greek wine turning some of the most popular indigenous greek grape varieties into deliciously aromatic wines enjoyed worldwide.

Arcadia & Corinthia, Peloponnese: Blessed lands rich in vineyards and grapes

Peloponnese is the land where vineyards have been abundant since antiquity and that’s why in mythology it was the realm of Dionysus, the God of wine. So, it is only natural that vine cultivation and wine making from excellent quality grape varieties flourished throughout the region. Valuable historical information on the Greek wine culture passed on from ancient times pays tribute to Peloponnese by giving it two beautiful appellations: “Ambeloessa” and “Polystafylos”, literally meaning full of vineyards and rich in grapes. Renowned worldwide and praised in the writings of great writers and historians, Peloponnesian wines are produced from top quality grapes grown with care by committed wine specialists.

The vineyard varieties grown at Tselepos Estate in Arcadia and Corinthia include aromatic whites and bold reds from indigenous Greek varieties such as moschofilero and agiorgitiko, as well as European varieties, such as chardonnay, merlot, cabernet and gewürztraminer.

The 4 seasons of the vineyards


Grape Varieties


Moschofilero: The "smoky vine" of Mantinia Arcadia is an authentic descendant of ancient vines. It is the “grey” variety cultivated in Peloponnese with the appellation “fileri”.
Gewürztraminer (Traminer): White-rosy colored variety of Italian origin. A traminer type is cultivated in France, Germany, Austria and Greece with the appellation gewürztraminer. The color of the grapes varies from rosy to light red and the wine has an intense aromatic complexity.
Chardonnay: A cosmopolitan white variety of French origin (Burgundy). It is very sensitive and of average productivity. Chardonnay produces wines of high acidity, with rich body and aromatic complexity.


Agiorgitiko: One of the most eclectic Greek red varieties, cultivated in the prefecture of Corinthia, Greece, and mainly in the wine production designated zone of Nemea.
Merlot: Red variety of French origin, whose cultivation is gradually spreading throughout Greece. Merlot produces wine of outstanding quality and high alcoholic degree, with a characteristic scent, a soft body and good aging potential.
Cabernet Sauvignon: International red variety originating from Bordeaux, France. Cabernet is a grape variety which produces wines of high alcoholic degree, with bright colour and high aromatic potential that evolves through time. Cabernet wines are rich in tannins and need aging in order to achieve balance.


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