International Conference

Heritage and development of Vine and Wine territories

5-7 November 2015

Heritage and cultural aspects of vine and wine are now integrated into the valuation of vineyards around the world. The classification of 9wine regions, all European, in UNESCO world heritage over the past fifteen years has shown how the Vine and Wine heritage, tangible and intangible, consists a significant lever for economic and tourism development. In that respect, currently several regions prepare or submit applications to UNESCO. Moreover, this approach focuses attention of many members of the world viticultural and enological community from traditional and newly developed wine regions.

Beyond this aspect related to the preservation of heritage and wine cultures, critical studies also analyze the vineyards in their diversity, through the necessary sets of actors, the forces and the scales that attempt to structure these territories. It is about to better understand and measure the various historical, scientific, technical or political forces producing these spaces and their characteristics.

This prism of wine heritage and culture provokes also researches in many specialties, for example, in the historical process of the vineyards construction or in the methods and the tools of their exposure for touristic, economical or environmental scopes.

From the economic point of view, the interaction between wine production and tourism industries generates a model of “cross-fertilization” well illustrated in Santorini and also, in french or other foreign clusters of wine tourism. There is also the question about of past or current consciousness of public policies (regulations, cultural activities, territorial adjustments … ) on the valuation of terroirs.

The international conference “Heritage and development of Vine and Wine territories“, will take place on November 5-7, 2015, at Santorini island (Greece) and aims to present and compare the recent studies of all disciplines related on this broad field. It will focus on the actors, the practices and the process of valorisation of natural or erected landscapes in the world heritage. It will also evoke by the exposition of specific examples, the importance of technical advances especially in viticulture and enology in the socio-economic, cultural and touristic valorisation of vine and wine territories.

This multidisciplinary conference is organized by the UNESCO Chair “Culture and Traditions of Wine ” of the University of Burgundy, by the Municipality of Thira, the Greek Wine Federation (SEO), the Interprofessional Organization of Greek Vines and Wines, and the Agricultural University of Athens.


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